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Preparing people and cities for future disasters.  Being ready saves lives

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Movers Carrying Shelving Unit

Emergency Housing Relocation


Usually there is little warner when emergencies like Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and floods.  We help provide temporary housing to protect your family.  We provide homes for a few days to a few months to get your family away from the damage and give you time to fix your home.  We use our own properties and the use of our volunteer homes.  People who open their homes to those who need.  If you need temporary relocated Housing help above.  If you have an Airbnb or extra room you can donate times of need please click on Temp room donation below

Hurricane Damage

Construction, Clean up and Rebuilding

After disasters strike we help rebuild lives.  We use our trained contractors many from our training Veteran programs, to help clean up the destruction.  We build new structures to support safety around your neighborhood.  And help rebuild the damage done to your homes.  If you need help please click on requsting help below.


First Responder 

New Program Announcement soon


First Aid box on pink BG

Advance Preparation for Emergency Setup


You never know when a Disaster stikes.  There are easy steps to make sure you and your family are best prepared.  We offer discounted kits to make sure you have the proper supplies on hand.  We can also set up special custom plans to keep your family safe.  We can remodel your home to help with stand the elements.  Hooking up generators or other power sources to make sure you stay out of the dark.  Help set up your yard to with stand avaiding high waters.  And setup your home with high and low tech comunication systems to keep you upto date with need to know information.

Eating Puppy

Pet Rescue

When disasters strike many animals find themselves in harms way.  Not knowing what is happening causes many to run away having to face the dangers on their own.  We provide a safe place people who have warner of an upcoming disaster can send their loved animals.  We also have teams go down to the effected area and look for lost animals or animal that were left behind and bring them to safety.  We also give support to wild life parks and zoos who need to evacuate their animals to safety.  If you need assistance please click below

Movers Carrying Packages

Emergency Food, Water, and Supplies 

We are constantly gathering supplies for when the unthinkable happens.  When needed we will bring in food, clean water blankets, and medical supplies.  In large scale disasters happen, getting a simple glass of water can be life saving.  We work with several food changes and offer fun food drives through out the year to keep our stock ready when people need it.  

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