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Beach Cleanup

All the help we can do is all because of you, and all our volunteers.  We are looking for people who know how to build and remodel to help fix damage homes from natural disasters.  People who are able to temp foster last chance animals.  Groups willing to help clean up the beaches and oceans.  And teachers willing to teach homeless new careers.  



Get your class and your school involved in making your city a better place.  Gather you teammates to win new equipment and tream trips.  Earn your merit badges while making a difference.  Get hands on in making a difference while earning prizes and earning extras for your school, sports team, yourth group or club.  Click here to find out more

Students, Sports Teams, Youth Groups, Girl & Boy Scouts

There is not better way to teach your student about the World than to show them how to be apart of it.  Ask about our programs that help Student learn as the gain Life experience in a fun game like setting, while influencing the World around them.  Click here to find out more



It is all about you, thats how we make the World a better place.  We are here to support you and help make your fundraiser a success.  See the difference, make the difference.  Be the difference.  Click here to find out more

Create your own Fundraiser

Challenge friends to compete in a game tournament.  Have donation drive on your social media pages or Pod Casts.  We will throw in the prizes.  Get more followers while making a change.  Click here to find out more

Image by israel palacio

Live Stream Gaming, Influencer and Pod Casts

What better way to make your special day, your family event, or your party even more epic than to change the World around you Click here to find out more

Image by Edward Cisneros

Special Occasion Fundraising

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