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Finding homes for animals that need time before being put down in shelters

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Family in Fall

Temp Pet Foster Homes

Every week hundreds of dogs and cats get put down.  What they want is a home, what they need is time.  We look for volunteers who can host a dog or cat that is nearly out of time.  By giving them this extra time we can find them a good home.  People that help in this program save hundreds of animals a year but we are always looking for more.  If you are interested in hosting an animal please click here.  If you can not host but want to help please click here, to find out ways you can make a difference.

Dogs with Dog Walker

Animal Rescue Centers

We are currently working on building large facilities to house hundreds of animals across the country.  Our first too open will be in Los Angeles and Seattle.  These will be last resort homes.  The day these amazing animals are schedules to be put down, they will be sent to us.  In these facilities they will be groomed, feed and trained.  They will given time to find the right home.  We are looking for companies that want to rent out areas of the facilities by the day or week.  If you are a vet, groomer, trainer, or store.  Click Company support above.

Visit to the Vet

Pet Insurance Resources

We have some exciting news coming soon which will help you reduce the medical expenses of your pets.  Until then, please look into getting insurance for your pets.  It will save your hard decisions later if emergencies happen.  By signing up through these links you are also helping us with our causes.  Please click on the pages and follow the links.

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