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Cleaning our Oceans and reducing plastic use

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Urban Traffic

Car Emission Credit

Driving is a much and getting stuck in traffic is a common.  Technology isn't quite ready to allow us to get around without harming the air, but just like they do for planes, we can balance out your Carbon dioxide emissions.  We have different programs depending on how many miles you drive and reward all who drive Carbon dioxide free.  Click below to find out what you can do and the prizes you can get.

Plastic Polluted Ocean

Ocean Plastic Removal

Plastic in our oceans has long been a problem.  It has endanger sea life and thrown off Eco-balances.  Plastic build ups the size of some states are highlighting the failed efforts.  Now plastic is being discovered in the fish we eat, now entering into the human food chain.  We are supporting clean up efforts to help remove plastic from the Ocean.  Working on new tech using drones both hoovering and under water sea drones to help solve the issue.  As well as working with ways to reduce the plastic we use to begin with.

Foggy Forest

Planting Trees Challenge

We have joined the challenge across the Globe to plant 1 Trillion trees.  A full mature tree can absorb around 45 pounds of Carbon dioxide.  With your help we are doing our part to grow the air we breathe

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