Create Your Own Fundraiser

Schools, Your Sports Team, Girl and Boy Scouts, an other Youth groups

Start a Group Fundraiser

A great way to build team or school spirit, while making a difference in the World.  We have great give backs that will help your school, team, or group to say thank you.
Choose something you all enjoy.  Can be a dinner party or BBQ.  Host a game night.  Community car wash or host your own fun run and earn donations per mile.  Be creative and have fun.  We are here every step of the way.  We can help you come up with ideas.  Offer supplies and prizes.  Help with web pages and Advertising.  And best of all, when its all done.  We give you custom updates on how the money you raise made a difference and show you who you helped.

Step 1

Come up with some ideas.  What does your group need?  Which of our Causes do you want your donations to go

Step 2

Fill out our form so we can help.  We will help you finalize your idea.  Offer supplies.  Throw in prizes to help motivate your donors.  And help you get the word out.  Sign up below

Step 3

Spread the word and collect life saving donations.  We will help post on websites, crowdfunding sites, Social media.  Together your project will be the talk of the town.

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