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Growing food and bring it to the feed empty stomachs

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Volunteers Serving Food

Food Drives, Food Banks and Food Trucks


Through out the year we arrange fun games and challenges for our community with the efforts to gather food.  We also work with and build new relationships with grocery stores and resturaunts to gather extra and unused food.  We help supply local food banks making sure food is available to who needs it.  We also bring food straight to large homeless comunities bringing the food directly to the hungery.  

Community Gardening

Growing food and Community Gardens

Feeding the World will take all of us.  We help with gardening tips using simple steps you can do in your backyard or hydroponics you can grow right in your living room.  With little cost and even less effort each family grow enough food to feed several families a month.  Great family bonding activity while teaching your kids to be a positive force.  To learn more please click on tell me more

A Young Scientist looking through a micr

Food Technologies


We work on coming out with new food techologies that help grow food faster and healthier.  The less time it takes to grow food the sooner those who need it can eat it.  We are also working on more resistant plants which can grow in harsher climates around the World who have whole cities starving.  These new technices are the future and will one day change how we eat.

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