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Create Your Own Fundraiser

Living Steaming, Gaming,  Social Influencers and Pod Casts

Start a Fundraiser Promote with your Brand

A great way to share what you love while making a difference. 
Start a game tournament to raise donations or have a fund drive on your gaming channel. 
Have a Pod Cast and what to get more listeners?  Start a fund drive and give away prizes. 
Are you a Social Influencer that wants to thank their follower with amazing prizes?
We can supply some great prizes and rewards for you to share with those who donate.  Let your followers know that you care and you are making a difference.

Step 1

Come up with some ideas of how you want your fund drive to go, and who will get the prizes.  Which of our Causes do you want your donation to go to

Step 2

Fill out our form so we can help.  We will help you finalize your idea.  Offer supplies.  Throw in prizes to help motivate your donors.  And help you get the word out.  Sign up Below

Step 3

Spread the word and collect life saving donations.  We will help post on websites, crowdfunding sites, Social media.  Together your project will be the talk of the town.

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

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