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Proving resources and training to homeless Vet.  Helping those who served us.  Imagine going from homeless to making $30 an hour.  Lives are changed back

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Pearl Harbor Shuttles

Honoring and understanding the lives given for us to live, is how you show respect.  The high cost of tourist activities in Hawaii usually leaves families having to decide between visiting Pearl Harbor or other island activities.  With the average roundtrip travel cost to visit the historic site averaging $32.00 and families $160.00 many families opt for other activities.  We are making sure every family has the opportunity to pay their respects with a free shuttle service between Honolulu and the base.  We also have reserved seats for our active Military and vets.

Palm Trees Beach View

Free Vacation Stays

Our military not only risk their lives but they miss out on time with their families.  And their families miss out on time with them for us.  To say thank you, we give free vacation stays away to help them enjoy the most with their families.  Here we invite them to bring their families to stay at no cost to one of our condos, hotels or Airbnb's around the World.  If you are a vet or active military please click below to be added to the list.  When picked you will be given a list of current options.  We are continually added to our list of available places.  If you have a Vacation home, run an Airbnb or have a time share you would like to donate please click on Donate vacation above.


Homes for Vets

Working with exstisting construction companies, our own contractors from our Disaster Relief branch, and our newly trained vet contractors, we are proud to be able to offer homes to our veterans.  We have short term with free stays for 6 months to a year.  We are also able to gifting permentant homes.  We work with anything from new construction to remodeling exsisting homes all over the World.  We also offer highly discounted to free labor cost to vets who currently already own their home.

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Career Training


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Retirement Village

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Valor Honor Salute


Many who have served our Nation are left homless and out in the cold.  We offer training programs which teach new skills for high paying jobs, and find jobs in these fields.  This allows a person to go from living on the streets to making a living wage and help them bring their life back on track.  We have training in construction, welding, car paining, automotive rebuilds, marketing and web design and much more.

New Programs Announced soon

New Programs Announced soon

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